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Amazing Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour

Amazing Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour is the best-known tour for all the travelers. Taj Mahal is very beautiful in sunlight as if it is as beautiful as you would like to praise its beauty. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is seen only in the light of the sun if you want to experience this Taj Mahal Tour then visit your tour.

The Taj Mahal is a very glorious monument; it is the immeasurable monument of India. Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Day Tour is located on the bank of river Yamuna in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This Amazing monument builds by the Mighty Mughal emperor Shahjahan for the memory of his loving wife MumtazTaj Mahal is also known as Mumtaz Mahal… Shah Jahan was very much loved by his wife Mumtaz, he could do anything for them, for this Shah, where he built this historic building in his memory.

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour invites you to visit this wonderful monument which defines the beauty of true love. Taj Mahal in honor of Mumtaz Mahal, the mausoleum was constructed of white marble inlaid with semi-precious stones (including jade, crystal, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and turquoise) forming intricate designs in a technique known as pietra dura. Its central dome reaches a height of 240 feet (73 meters) and is surrounded by four smaller domes; four slender towers, or minarets, stood at the corners. In accordance with the traditions of Islam, verses from the Quran were inscribed in calligraphy on the arched entrances to the mausoleum, in addition to numerous other sections of the complex.

Shahjahan & Mumtaz True love- Shah Jahan, initially named Prince Khurram, was born in the year 1592. He was the son of Jehangir, the fourth Mughal emperor of India and the grandson of Akbar the Great. In 1607 when strolling down the Meena Bazaar, accompanied by a string of fawning courtiers, Shah Jahan caught a glimpse of a girl hawking silk and glass beads. It was love at first sight and the girl was Mumtaz Mahal, who was known as Arjumand Banu Begum at that time. At that time, he was 14 years old and she, a Muslim Persian princess, was 15.

Private Day Trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi After meeting her, Shah Jahan went back to his father and declared that he wanted to marry her. The match got solemnized after five years i.e., in the year 1612. Shah Jahan became the Emperor and entrusted Arjumand Banu with the royal seal. He also bestowed her with the title of Mumtaz Mahal, meaning the “Jewel of the Palace”. Though Shah Jahan had other wives also, Mumtaz Mahal was his favorite and accompanied him everywhere, even on military campaigns. In the year 1631, when Mumtaz Mahal was giving birth to their 14th child, she died due to some complications. While Mumtaz was on her deathbed, Shah Jahan promised her that he would never remarry and will build the richest mausoleum over her grave.

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